70  minutes | recommended Adults
Saturday 12.08 18:00 / Hall: 6

Draw me a Protest! Caricature meets Dictatorship


70  minutes | recommended Adults
Saturday 12.08 18:00 / Hall: 6

Characteristics of the massive protest movement that swept Israel in 2023

A special event in collaboration with “Para Dox” and “Mary Strip
Guests: Shushka Angelmayer, Dana Barlev, Michel Kishka

Special Guest: Eyal Nave, Founding Member of the resistance movement, “Ahim LaNeshek”

Host: Nosko

The Israeli judicial reform, crafted by the Israeli government, caused hundreds of thousands of citizens to take to the streets to defend democracy and support the reform, in a wave of protests never before seen in Israel’s history. The protests were accompanied by visual depictions by some of Israel’s most prominent illustrators. How influential is the visual/illustrative aspect of the protest? Are there lines and boundaries to an illustrated protest? And how does it get done under impossible deadlines? A meeting of some of the most prominent activist artists who enlisted their paintbrushes, creative talent and more, to play an active role in the largest battle yet over Israel’s democracy.

The “Protest Flag” Exhibit will be on display in the cinematheque lobby throughout the festival. The audience is welcomed to attend the event with Israeli flags.


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