80  minutes | recommended Adults
Wednesday 09.08 21:15 / Hall: 2


Animation/Israeli animation/Israeli

80  minutes | recommended Adults
Wednesday 09.08 21:15 / Hall: 2

Flipping” is a series of bite-sized talks and performances by various speakers from different animation fields. From innovative projects by world-class experts to local fringe performances – Flipping provides a fresh insight to animation, and all that it can be.
This year’s speakers:
Chen Heifetz and Sohini Tal about the short film “Nurit”, Pilot of an animated series about women and fertility, Yotam Galpaz about the series of animated loops “LOOPSCAPES”, Daniel Lichter about making history accessible to children with the “Cartoon Academy” project, Yoav Brill and Dotan Goldwaser about the independent animated film “TEMPORARILY REMOVED”, Simon Gross about the visual design process for the deadly app, Idan Rom and Shacham Rubin about the humorous animation clip “Corona-Man”, Merav Shacham about the AI opening for the series “Red Sky”.
Host: Aviv Ziv
Curator: Ella Ben Yacov


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